Available as a Team

A “Package Deal”

Providing a quality experience for your competitors requires a group effort. Regatta organizers need to rely upon the support of many volunteers and race officials to fill all the different roles on their event management team. Identifying and recruiting a roster of individuals who each possess a unique skill or expertise can be a daunting task. Veteran regatta organizers know the importance of developing, maintaining, and continuously seeking to grow a “network” of regulars they can call upon to conduct events.

Although Race Management was initially an interest and endeavor for only Scott, their children entering the sport quickly transformed his service as a race official into an attractive opportunity for he and Lisa to spend time together on the water during the years when their kids were young competitors.

Over the past 20 years, Scott and Lisa have become a well-oiled race management team, both on and off the water. Although each are available individually in their different roles, they very rarely serve separately, greatly enjoy spending time together on the water, and both cherish opportunities to travel to regattas across the Midwest and the nation.

The result is that they are now a well-known “package deal” wherein Scott’s advanced training as a Race Official is appropriately paired with Lisa’s scoring skills and her training in mediation, Judging, and the Protest Hearing process.

The fact that Scott and Lisa travel as a team and can provide nearly everything necessary to conduct a regatta can be a valuable option for regatta organizers who lack volunteer resources or rarely or infrequently host events.

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