Who We Are

Scott Corder, Producer/Director

Scott is a classically trained message-strategist, film-maker and story-teller with college degrees in Graphic Design, Photography and Architecture. These complimentary skills mean your message will always be clearly articulated AND visually stimulating. Scott has been successfully informing, motivating, and delighting audiences for almost 40 years. Throughout that time, Scott’s efforts have regularly been awarded top honors in nearly every major national and international competition in the production industry.

An Established Network of Talented Professionals

Each and every project requires a customized team of specialized experts working under the detailed and explicit direction of the producer/director. When you work with us, you only pay for the talents your project needs, and only when you need them. Scott Corder has hundreds of long-term relationships with the brightest and best professionals in every possible area of specific expertise your project may demand.

Tired of handing your event off to seemingly disinterested hotel or venue AV employees? There are very few cities where Scott doesn’t already have trusted resource relationships who can get the job done more effectively, more reliably, less painfully, and on budget. Live event production is not the time or place for surprises. Scott and his team are the closest you’ll get to a guaranteed live performance.

Contact us to discuss your project or to request some examples of our work.

Any Expertise

  • Message Strategy
  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Music
  • Sound design
  • Lighting
  • Casting
  • Wardrobe
  • Scenic
  • Props
  • Editing
  • Video effects
  • Animation
  • Interactive
  • Staging

Any Technology

  • Film
  • Video
  • Web
  • Streaming
  • Powerpoint
  • Interactive
  • Video conferencing
  • Web casting

Any Purpose

  • Corporate image
  • Product promotion
  • Product introduction
  • Product launch
  • Sales
  • Motivation
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Training
  • Entertainment
  • Promotion
Award-winning strategy, messaging, video and event production
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